The purpose of the Iowa Statewide Working Group is to support planning efforts and strategic alignment of state agencies, colleges and universities, and other partner organizations working with incarcerated learners, specifically focused on four key area that comprise the project’s working groups: partnerships, technology, student support services (and reentry) and funding.

The Agenda for the April 30, 2020 Meeting is as follows: 

  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Project Purpose and Project Goals
  3. Why Networks Work
  4. Overview of Working Group Breakout Sessions
  5. Working Group Breakout Session

                a. Visioning Exercise

                b. Measures of Success Exercise

                c. Outcomes Exercise

                d. Next Steps Exercise

        6. Wrap-up and Next Steps

Materials that will be used by the Working Group Members and Alliance Staff is found below.

Note-taking forms (in Google Docs) for members of each of the working groups to be used during each of the working sessions can be found by following the links, below: 

Partnerships Working Group Notes Form

Technology Working Group Notes Form

Student Support Services Working Group Notes Form

Funding Working Group Notes Form

Additional information that could be useful to working group members is attached below.