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More Projects

Recent projects and initiatives are listed below...

COVID-19 Action

COVID-19 is creating unprecedented conditions for people incarcerated. Our COVID-19 Action page contains materials and resources created by/for or that are meaningful for higher education in prison programs from across the United States.

Higher Education in Prison Reading Project (text is shown with an illustration of an open book)

Higher Education in Prison Reading Project

Since the early months of 2019, when the Alliance selected Danielle Sered’s Until We Reckon: Violence, Mass Incarceration, and A Road to Repair as the inaugural title for the project, we have invited members of the Higher Education in Prison community to read along with us, using weekly sessions on social media and “book giveaways” to support participation.

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Community Conversations

Community Conversations are a space to share information and resources, experiences and lessons learned and engage ideas that will advance the field of higher education in prison. The discussions are open to anyone.