Virtual NCHEP 2022 - Registration

Welcome to the Registration Portal for the 12th National Conference on Higher Education in Prison (NCHEP)

October 11-14 2022 (on Zoom)


Thank you for your interest in attending the 12th National Conference on Higher Education in Prison (NCHEP).

Here you can register for the online conference according to a sliding scale mechanism. Once you have completed the registration process you will gain access to the Whova app and the Zoom links to all the virtual sessions.

If you are an instructor or program staff and you wish to attend the 12th NCHEP with a group of students, you will have the opportunity to note this in the registration process and provide an estimated number of student participants. You will only need to register yourself (and not each individual student). You can choose either of the registration options below.

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Option 1

General Registration

If you are not requesting a Registration Waiver and will be registering according to a sliding scale, please use this pathway.

The standard registration fee is $100, but the sliding scale allows for payments as low as $25, as well as payments above the general fee.
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Option 2

Apply for a fee Waiver

If you wish to waive the registration fee (which could be as low as $25), please use this pathway. Applications for Registration Fee Waivers will be reviewed on a rolling basis and will remain open until funds are expended. Registration Fee Waiver acceptance will be returned with a link to complete the registration process.

We will automatically accept requests from currently incarcerated students who wish to present at, or attend, the virtual conference.
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About the 12th NCHEP payment policy

In an effort to recognize the different material circumstances of the many members of the community, the 12th NCHEP’s registration process will be structured around a sliding scale that strives to include those who do not possess financial privilege and to receive the necessary support from those that do. Before paying for your own registration, we ask that you carefully acknowledge your earning power (or the resources possessed by your institution / organization / foundation) and act accordingly: we believe that this practice advances the goal of a more sustainable and accessible event for all.

Note: All conference participants will be able to equally access the same NCHEP events and features, no matter their contribution on the sliding scale.

*Costs associated with hosting a virtual NCHEP include: technology, design, honoraria, and salaries. See the past NCHEP Exit Reports for an additional overview of the expenses associated with the national conference: