Project Rebound (CSU Northridge) is hiring a Program Coordinator

August 10, 2020

The California State University Project Rebound Consortium is a statewide network of campus-based reentry programs supporting the higher education and successful reintegration of the formerly incarcerated through the largest public four-year university system in the country. The guiding values of the Project Rebound Consortium are:

  • The Intrinsic Value of Persons. Every person has inherent value and holds the power of possibility and transformation within them.  
  • Equitable Access to Education. Access to meaningful, high-quality, face-to-face higher education is fundamental to breaking intergenerational cycles of poverty, abuse, addiction, unemployment, and confinement.  
  • Formerly Incarcerated Leadership. The integration, education, and leadership of formerly incarcerated people are essential to the work of creating solutions to the social crisis of mass incarceration.  
  • Education as Public Safety. Meaningful, high-quality higher education ultimately makes stronger, safer communities; we believe that public resources are better invested in education and other opportunities for transformation than prisons and punishment.  
  • Civic Engagement. Community engagement is at once a right, a responsibility, and a means of empowerment; Project Rebound aims to inspire all Rebound Scholars to be informed and engaged civic agents.  

The Project Rebound Consortium is launching new programs at additional CSU campuses. One of these programs is at CSU Northridge, one of the largest universities in the state, which is hiring a Program Coordinator to help found their program. Please share this opportunity throughout your networks, particularly with individuals who share these values, have an incarceration experience themselves, and have overcome barriers similar to the population that Project Rebound serves.