Submit a Proposal to the 11th Annual National Conference on Higher Education in Prison

June 18, 2021

The 2021 NCHEP Planning Team is pleased to announce the Call for Submissions for the 11th National Conference on Higher Education in Prison, which will be held in person in Denver, CO (November 11-14). After compiling the 2021 Virtual NCHEP Exit Report and inviting feedback and ideas from anyone who was interested through a standing survey and public Planning Sessions, the theme that will frame the 11th NCHEP is What is To Be Done?

Posed more than a century ago this burning question has since inspired generations of revolutionaries to interrogate the intersections of theory and practice, to reflect upon their own positionalities in the face of power and oppression, and to seek the most effective strategies to collectively organize and build resistance.  

In light of this vision, which speaks to a renewed commitment to make NCHEP a space of knowledge exchange and an occasion to enliven political conversations in the field, a few changes have been made to the submission formats. In order to question traditional conceptions of conference structures, the 11th NCHEP will host presentations that privilege collaboration, mutual support, and participation by inviting submissions for Open Conversations; Roundtables; Workshops; and Meetings.