A collage/drawing of two women studying together in a prison classroom with the US map in the background

Together we can raise the quality of all higher education in prison programs.

In recent years the number of higher education in prison programs across the United States has grown significantly. Yet there continues to be a lack of public knowledge about the field of higher education in prison or a network of support to share expertise and experiences. This leaves many people involved with higher education in prison – from practitioners and teachers to students and program staff – feeling isolated and lacking support.

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Why Donate?

When you donate to the Alliance, you help build a community of practice that is increasing access, equity and quality among higher education in prison programs across the country.

  • $50 – Subscribe one prison to the Alliance’s Newsletter
  • $100 – Send the Equity and Excellence in Practice report to 20 students
  • $350 – Provide a registration fee waiver to one person who is formerly incarcerated for the National Conference on Higher Education in Prison
  • $500 – Purchase 20 books for our Higher Education in Prison Community Reading Project
  • $750 – Add one more person to our Story Center
  • $1,250 – Support travel and accommodations for one person who is formerly to the National Conference on Higher Education in Prison
  • $2,500 – Sponsor a Networking Session at the National Conference on Higher Education in Prison
  • $5,000 – Become a Sustaining Supporter of the Alliance
“What I'm hoping that I can represent for other folks is that although I've had this experience in my life there's so much more that I can give. No one is their worst day. My grandmother was always very proud of the things that I was able to accomplish in prison, as well as post-release — earning degrees and fellowships and getting jobs in the field that I love to work in.”
Romarilyn Ralston, Program Coordinator, Project Rebound at Cal State University Fullerton

If you would like to discuss leaving a gift for the Alliance in your will, please contact us at: alliance@higheredinprison.org

Why advocate for increasing quality in higher education in prison?

  • Higher education in prison contributes to a person’s sense of dignity and purpose.
  • Higher education in prison is a first chance at quality education for many people who are currently incarcerated.
  • The expansion of access to quality higher education is critical to confronting the persistent inequality of opportunity in higher education, primarily for people of color and people who are economically disenfranchised.
  • Higher education in prison improves students’ quality of life.
  • Higher education in prison contributes to a more democratic society.
  • Higher education in prison creates opportunities to find common ground and engage in shared learning between people who might not otherwise work together.
  • Higher education in prison invites students into the process of lifelong learning.
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