Prison Education Book Connection

Prison Education Book Connection

A partnership between W.W. Norton & Company and the Alliance for Higher Education in Prison

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In celebration of their 100th anniversary, W.W. Norton & Company has committed to a number of philanthropic causes, including donating books to higher education in prison programs.

The Alliance is pleased to host the second round of Norton's historic book donation program, with hopes that these books will arrive in time for the Fall 2024 semester. Higher education in prison educators and administrators may apply for books that will be used by people pursuing their education while incarcerated. Norton has prepared a list of 164 titles from their catalog to choose from.

Fall 2024 Book Connection

Applications close May 31, 2024

Shipping timeline and information will be shared in early June.

Rules and Regulations

  • Only established higher education in prison programs may request books.
  • You may request up to 50 copies of each title. If your program requires more copies, please email us.
  • Donated books must be used for educational purposes in prison programs only and cannot not be resold or distributed to third parties.
  • For more information about books listed on the Fall 2024 Donation Catalogue, please Google the ISBN number corresponding to the listed title.
  • In order to support this initiative and similar future initiatives, we ask that you agree to agree to provide testimonials and - when possible - photos to be used for promotional materials.

How to apply

  1. Review the Fall 2024 Donation Catalogue and select which books you would like to request.
  2. Complete the Prison Education Book Donation Application. We recommend you complete the application on a computer and with the Donation Catalogue open.
  3. Add to your email address book to ensure that you will receive notification emails.

Previous Donation Cycles

Over two donation cycles, we are proud to have been able to donate 9,161 books to over 50 programs across the United States! Physical academic texts are invaluable, not only for the information they hold but as a resource for incarcerated students who depend on access to printed materials for scholastic success.