Landscape Project

We’re making it easier to find information about higher education in prison programs, and connect with people working in this growing field.

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a colorful map of the continental United States depicts a mosaic of faces of the higher education in prison community
A colorful map of the US with photos showing faces of students and practitioners inside the shapes of states

Through this dynamic program, the Alliance convenes and supports people around the country who are working to expand the field of higher education in prison. Together, we are gathering information about each program and learning from one another how to overcome challenges. Along the way we are identifying opportunities for growth, for more collaboration and for increased program quality.

Higher Education in Prison Cohort Program

Higher education in prison programs around the country rarely have consistent opportunities for co-learning and collaboration. In 2019, the Alliance launched a program aimed at supporting practitioners who are working to create, sustain and grow higher education in prison programs. By facilitating a deeper level of conversation, data sharing and problem solving, we hope to foster a supportive environment where practitioners can collaborate and program quality can increase.

About the Cohort Program

Higher Education in Prison Annual Survey and National Directory

Working with our partners at the Prison Studies Project at Harvard University, the Research Collaborative on Higher Education in Prison at the University of Utah and the Goldman School of Public Policy at the University of California, Berkeley, we conduct an annual survey to collect and publish data about U.S. colleges and universities offering higher education in prison. The data collected from the Annual Survey of Higher Education in Prison Programs is made public through the National Directory of Higher Education in Prison Programs.

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