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The National Conference on Higher Education in Prison (NCHEP) Planning Team is pleased to announce the schedule for the 11th NCHEP: hosted November 11-14, 2021, in Denver, CO.

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11th Annual NCHEP Schedule

The NCHEP Planning team is pleased to share the schedule for the 11th Annual NCHEP, hosted November 11-14 in Denver, CO. The 11th NCHEP will host presentations that privilege collaboration, mutual support, and participation by inviting submissions for Open Conversations; Roundtables; Workshops; and Meetings. In addition the conference will host a Keynote Event, multiple Plenary Sessions and a series of special events and networking sessions.

For eleven years the National Conference on Higher Education in Prison has served as a space of collaboration, listening, discussion and debate. It exists as a hub for the exchange of information, and to create opportunities to network in support of deepening the important academic, advocacy, and activist work happening across the country. Bringing all of this work together, the planning team for the 2021 NCHEP designed a Call for Submissions that advance efforts to define the ever-emerging field of higher education in prison.

The 11th NCHEP official conference app is Whova and is available for download by all registered conference attendees. Upon completing the registration process, participants will be invited to download the conference app. Once downloaded on a smartphone and/or computer attendees will be able to view the full conference schedule, share documents, network and direct message other attendees, and receive daily reminders.

Please direct all NCHEP schedule questions to: