Submissions to the 2022 National Conference on Higher Education in Prison will be reviewed by community members with experience and expertise in the conference content areas and will follow the review rubric.

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NCHEP Submission Review Rubric

All submissions for the 12th NCHEP will be reviewed by volunteers from the higher education in prison community of stakeholders.

All submissions will first be pre-screened by a member of the Alliance team. The pre-screen will ensure that all required components of the submissions are included before being sent to a community reviewer. Proposals that are missing content will be returned to the submitter for completion and will be sent to reviewers once the proposal is complete. Each complete submission will be reviewed by two community reviewers and will undergo an open review process, which means that the identities of both submitters and reviewers will be known to each other and disclosed at the start of the process. The decision to engage an open-review process is part of an effort to bring more transparency and equity to this submission process. Reviewers will be asked to provide feedback to authors based upon the following: 

Submission Essentials

  • Did the submitter tend to honor the submission directions, including the word limits? (Y/N)
  • Is the selected presentation format appropriate for the proposals? (Y/N) 

Presentation Overview

  1. The content of this proposal is compelling: 0 – 10 (30%) 
  2. The proposal presents original content/ideas: 0 – 10 (30%)
  3. The content of this proposal fosters meaningful conversations or interactions: 0 – 10 (15%)
  4. This proposal outlines clear and compelling ideas for how the audience/participants will be engaged (or offers a good explanation for why they will not be) during the discussion or presentation: 0 – 10 (15%)
  5. This proposal advances the conference theme (What’s Next? Higher Education in Prison and Its Future(s)) in an impactful way: 0 – 10 (10%)

Reviewer Comments to Submitter

In an effort to continue to provide support to our community of stakeholders, we ask that you offer written feedback to the submitter/s, who will be able to see your comments and your name when receiving your written assessment. Please ensure that you offer some feedback on the following: Structure of the proposal; Strength of the proposal’s content; Potential engagement with the audience; Strategies to accomplish desired learning outcomes; Quality of the idea and/or argument.