Ithaca, NY
June 30, 2022

Cornell Prison Education Program: Program Coordinator

The Cornell Prison Education Program is searching for a new college program coordinator to join their team to coordinate the Associate-degree granting college program at Auburn Correctional Facility. This is an exciting moment to join the growing team at Cornell University, as our community zooms forward in an expanding universe of student support and progressive policy change, while driven by our core mission of a student-centered high-quality higher education during and after incarceration.

The position entails coordinating course offerings, extra-curriculars, and graduation ceremonies at Auburn State Prison in Auburn, NY. The coordinator is the key point person for students in the prison. Applicants with a vision for this work are welcome. Applicants with lived experience dealing with the prison/parole complex are welcome to apply. People who have taught in prison are welcome and encouraged.

The Cornell Prison Education Program operates coordinates with a consortium of colleges that offer college programs inside the prisons, and building a growing network of reentry partners to support students after their release. Cornell University is both a member of Ivy League and a promulgator of an egalitarian ethos in higher education. The program is located in Ithaca, NY which is a groovy progressive town with tons of intellectuals, a hip downtown and a city government committed to rethinking policing/justice.

Apply to join the team and work at Cornell University.

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