Philadelphia, PA
February 18, 2024

Mural Arts: Reimagining Reentry Fellowship

Mural Arts’s Restorative Justice program is seeking artists who are returning from incarceration to apply for the Reimagining Reentry Fellowship, generously funded by Art for Justice. 

The goal of this fellowship is to support formerly incarcerated artists applying their creative practices to address critical issues of mass incarceration. Artists will create bold new public works to shift the narrative around contemporary criminal justice and incarceration while considering personal, communal, and systemic connections, illuminating the human cost and potential solutions.

The artist chosen will be paid a stipend of $10,000 and will be allotted $20,000 to fund the project in addition to other career and education opportunities, as needed.

Scope of Work

Through the year-long fellowship, the chosen artist, Mural Arts staff, and other collaborators will be responsible for the following scope of work:

  • Artist Responsibility
  • A project idea and mural concept
  • Engage in regular meetings with the Restorative Justice Project Manager to further develop creative concept and overall plan
  • Share regular updates, opportunities, ideas, and questions with Project Manager as the plan takes shape
  • Participate as a speaker and/or attendee in interviews, workshops, talks, and panels as relative to the fellow’s work and mission, including dedicated time with current participants in the Guild, Rec Crew, and SCI Phoenix programs
  • Produce design concepts and mockups for project and mural
  • Work with Mural Arts Design Review team on edits to the concept
  • Contribute to onsite mural installation work
  • Submit invoices and receipts for reimbursement as approved by the Restorative Justice Project Manager
  • Mural Arts Responsibility
  • Provide Restorative Justice Project Manager as main support and point of contact
  • Teach and review guidelines for the development and designs of a mural
  • With fellow, design a schedule and plan for the year-long fellowship
  • Host design review and provide input from staff curators and artists through design process
  • Create connections for fellow with Mural Arts staff, their knowledge, and expertise; and the institution’s’ network of creatives, educators, and arts administrators
  • Find opportunities for fellow to collaborate with other Mural Arts artists and partners
  • Supply resources and advisory support on financial literacy, arts career development skills, and formal art training depending on the needs of the artist
  • Provide administrative support by processing artist payments and reimbursements, purchasing project supplies, and managing contractors associated with the project
  • Other support as needed
  • Art for Justice (Sponsor) Responsibility
  • Provide funding for fellowship, network of artists connected (also via The Center for Art & Advocacy
  • Contractor Responsibility
  • Any contractor working with the artist as part of the fellowship will provide hours of expertise and assistance in areas such as financial literacy, graphic design, grant writing, and other areas as needed. Mural Arts is responsible for paying contractors through the $20,000 allotted budget.

Artist Fee and Budget

The Fellow will be provided with a $10,000 artist stipend in addition to a $20,000 project budget managed by the Restorative Justice Project Manager. The stipend will be paid in two installments of $5,000 each to the artist.

  • The $10,000 artist stipend goes directly to the artist to fund any of their needs as they engage in their year long project.
  • The $20,000 project budget is managed by the Project Manager, who is responsible for all payments related to the mural project, and other fellowship-related costs, including  communications materials, mural supplies, assistant artist fees for mural, equipment for installation, career and education classes as needed, consultant support, and other project-related items.

Application Schedule

The following is an estimated schedule for the incoming Fellow. The schedule is subject to change dependent on external factors such as weather, family emergencies, etc.

January 8, 2024: Rolling Applications Open

February 18, 2024: Rolling Applications End

March 1, 2024: Notification of acceptance

Artist Selection Process


In order to be eligible for the Reimaging Reentry Fellowship, you must be a justice-impacted artist who has returned from incarceration. You must also have a concept for a mural project relative to restorative justice issues and practices to propose. This opportunity is based in the Greater Philadelphia area. All artists are welcome to apply, with knowledge that travel and lodging is not covered within the stipend. The applicant must currently be practicing as an artist and intent on developing their arts career.

Qualifications and Criteria

Artists will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • A clear vision and proposal that connects with Restorative Justice in the city of Philadelphia in a meaningful way.
  • Demonstrated visual arts skills shown in a series of examples provided by the artist.
  • Be a justice-impacted/formerly incarcerated artist
  • Passion and intent to develop a career in the creative industry.
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