Albany, NY
April 14, 2024

Research Foundation for SUNY: Re-Entry Navigation Coordinator

The Re-entry Navigation Coordinator full-time grant funded position that furthers SUNY's goal of achieving fair and inclusive access to quality higher education for people who are currently incarcerated and formerly incarcerated by working with the Assistant Director of Re-entry and Special Projects as a thought partner to increase opportunities for formerly incarcerated New Yorkers to continue their education after their release with SUNY institutions.


$65,000 - $70,000

Position Responsibilities

Student Engagement and Partnership
  • Serve as an advisor, liaison, and advocate for incarcerated people seeking to attend a SUNY institution post- release
  • Work collaboratively with NYS DOCCS facility staff to coordinate meetings and messaging to the incarcerated population
  • Develop materials for currently incarcerated and formerly incarcerated students about SUNY program offerings, including opportunities to use Pell and TAP grants to fully fund college
  • Work with campuses to identify incarcerated people interested in post-release education, and develop individualized plans for post-release education
  • Identify staff at SUNY institutions who will help formerly incarcerated people access and fully participate fully in SUNY programs, either on campus or online
  • Meet and coordinate with regional organizations who will assist formerly incarcerated people with housing, financial needs, healthcare, employment, and other basic services.
  • Partner with like-minded programs in New York state to develop regional re-entry workshops
Communication and Program Development
  • Work in consultation with Assistant Director of Re-entry to implement sustainable, system-wide programming.
  • Network with other college navigators to share best practices and facilitate connecting students with community resources.
  • Manage student referrals and transfers between SUNY colleges for students preparing for release.
  • Create and maintain student specific data for process, program, and outcome evaluation.
  • Confer regularly with representatives from off-campus organizations and agencies regarding the interpretation and implementation of program and institutional policies.
  • Actively participate in meetings as well as attend related state and local conferences.
  • Perform related duties as assigned.


Required Education/Qualifications:
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • 3+ years of experience within higher education in prison, re-entry, or social services fields
Preferred Education/ Qualifications:
  • A demonstrated ability to work with and gain the cooperation of people in a variety of organizations and positions, including academic institutions and human service organizations.
  • Broad knowledge about human service and academic institutions that are relevant to the needs and aspirations of re-entering people.
  • Significant experience working with human service agencies, community-based organizations, and/or academic institutions.
  • Familiarity with trauma-informed approaches to working with communities
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