Checking In with The Alliance Fellows!

September 7, 2023

In March 2023, the Alliance established an Education in Action opportunity on our team and welcomed two currently incarcerated scholars to paid, work-learning fellowship positions. These scholars, Leo Hylton and Victoria Scott of the Maine Department of Corrections, have been working side by side with us for the past six months, providing invaluable insight, skills, and expertise to our team.

Since their arrival, our fellows have played key roles in the design and delivery of our Community Conversations discussion events, grant research and writing, copy and video editing, and website development. Importantly, they have leading roles in the development and design of our Education in Action expansion materials.

In the groundbreaking work that our fellows are dedicating to the Education in Action initiative, Leo and Victoria will be working closely with the Alliance’s new Education and Information Director, Dr. Shawnice Johnson. Dr. Johnson will be building upon the foundational efforts of our fellows, guiding future project trajectory, and collaborating as a valued member of the Alliance team to bring the Education in Action vision to fruition.

Working as an Alliance Fellow has been a deeply meaningful experience. Serving with a team that is grounded in lived experience, while working to create a better future for all of us gives me hope for what is possible. Co-leading the Education in Action initiative is a major avenue through which I am able to support positive systems change and collective liberation. This benefits incarcerated people, the people who love us, and society as a whole.

- Leo Hylton

In addition to his role on the Alliance team, Leo recently began his PhD at George Mason University’s Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution!

You can catch up with Leo on Linkedin, watch their Community Conversations series, and engage directly with both fellows when they Zoom into the upcoming NCHEP!