California's Best Practices: Pathways From Prison to College

August 30, 2022
Smart Justice Think Tank

The Smart Justice Think Tank seeks to ensure that all currently and formerly incarcerated personshave an equal opportunity to succeed as students and individuals. It is a coalition of formerlyincarcerated students, directly impacted leaders, faculty, staff, administrators, non-profit leaders,researchers, and supporters of higher education programs in prisons and on-campus supportprograms. As a collective, the Smart Justice Think Tank understands the value of these programs forthose able to access college in prison or on-campus.

California's Best Practices: Pathways From Prison to CollegeEnsuring all currently and formerly incarcerated persons have an equal opportunity tosucceed as students and individuals.

ALL STUDENTS including those currently and formerly incarcerated, deserve the right to access.

The best practices represent a student-centered approach to providing accessible, equitable, and quality post-secondary education, as well as developing and examining institutional infrastructure around student support and reentry services. We strongly recommend that the post-secondary prison education programs, correctional facilities, on-campus support programs, and higher education institutions adopt the following best practices to center the unique needs of currently and formerly incarcerated scholars.