Download “A Toolkit for Advancing College Opportunity for Justice-Impacted Students”

March 8, 2022
Omari Amili, Alexa Garza, Mary Baxter, Rabia Qutab, Montrell Carmouche, Patrick Rodriguez, William Freeman III, and Jarrod Wall

"A Toolkit for Advancing College Opportunity for Justice-Impacted Students" identifies several unjust barriers that keep incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals from accessing a higher education and benefiting from it and participating fully in society. Detailed information was gathered for eight states and the report calls on elected officials — governors, state legislators, heads of statewide higher education and corrections departments, and others — to immediately remove these barriers wherever they exist and enact more civil and humane policies that will make it easier for students who are, or have been, incarcerated to pursue a higher education. Congressional delegates can also use their influence at the state level to make a positive impact. For advocates engaged in this work, there's also tools included, such as an op-ed writing guide and a template for creating a “power map” in each state (see our State Decision-Making Agency and Organization Tracker).