Listen to "The Freedom Takes": A Podcast from Freedom Reads

December 28, 2020

The Freedom Takes is a podcast from Freedom Reads, produced for listeners in prison and out, that explores the relationship between literature and freedom. The Freedom Takes podcast is available for download on Apple Podcasts. A still-image movie version of The Freedom Takes podcast is also available on YouTube for closed-circuit TV channels to broadcast the show. Higher education in prison programs and any other in-prison education programs should contact the Million Book Project at for the captioned video file versions for play on closed-circuit TV channels.

Freedom Reads (formerly The Million Book Project) is an initiative founded by the poet and lawyer Reginald Dwayne Betts to transform how people in prison access the world of books. Housed at the Justice Collaboratory at Yale Law School and supported by the Mellon Foundation, Freedom Reads will place a curated 500-book freedom library in prisons in every state in the country, Washington DC and Puerto Rico. Dozens of writers named Freedom Reads literary ambassadors will visit these prisons to give readings and begin a conversation with readers inside. Learn more about the Project at