The Research Collaborative on Higher Education in Prison and the Alliance for Higher Education in Prison Present: Preparing for Pell

January 23, 2023
The Alliance

The Research Collaborative on Higher Education in Prison (RCHEP) and the Alliance for Higher Education in Prison are excited to announce Preparing for Pell, a series of webinars and workshops in anticipation of Pell expansion for eligible incarcerated students on July 1, 2023. This series is an opportunity to share research findings and engage in open conversation with students and practitioners.  

Since the Department of Education (ED) released its Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) last July, students, practitioners, and other advocates have sought clarity about what they can expect this summer, first through public comments submitted to ED last August. ED published responses in its final regulations in October of 2022. However, judging by subsequent communications from ED and other experts, it remains unclear exactly how ED will resolve many questions raised in public comments. 

Rather than focus on the unknown, the Research Collaborative on Higher Education in Prison and the Alliance for Higher Education in Prison will host three webinar-workshops based on its recent Pell is Not Enough series. This research provides timely insight into what current Second Chance Pell institutions have demonstrated will be necessary to expand Pell access in a sustainable, equitable manner. 

The intent of these interactive webinars is to engage in open dialogue about the research, implications, and ongoing questions and challenges. Each webinar will be transcribed and publicly shared via the Alliance’s website. To that end, please read the briefs associated with each session so that all participants can engage in productive conversations about the research and related topics. 

February 9, 12pm EST: Preparing for Pell: Pell is Not Enough Overview & Discussion

  • Read the Introduction and Executive Summary of the Pell is Not Enough series
  • Many public commenters offered feedback on ED’s NPRM based on their experiences with Second Chance Pell. Come ready to discuss common challenges (e.g. unexpected costs of attendance, understaffing, and insufficient data infrastructure) as well as contribute to strategies to address them. 

February 16, 12pm EST: Preparing for Pell: Building Financial Aid Literacy and Autonomy Workshop

  • Read Briefs 6, 7, 7a, and 7b of the Pell is Not Enough series
  • ED’s NPRM and final regulations include substantial sections on Pell credit balances for incarcerated students, but few public commenters addressed this topic. Come ready to discuss the importance of clear and consistent financial aid counseling and literacy for incarcerated students, including how you communicate with students about the costs of their education. 

February 23, 12pm EST: Preparing for Pell: Informing ED’s Further Guidance Through Dialogue

  • Read RCHEP’s brief on ED’s promise of further guidance (forthcoming)
  • In its final regulations, ED promised further guidance on topics raised in public comments on the NPRM. Come ready to share what you hope ED will include in this further guidance. 

We look forward to learning from you during these webinar-workshops. Register for the event here

Please note that upon registration, the same Zoom link will be used for all three events.

For additional information, please contact Stephanie Gaskill at