W.W. Norton Continues to Support Higher Education in Prison Programs

January 31, 2024

The Alliance for Higher Education in Prison collaborated with W.W. Norton to host the Prison Education Book Connection. This partnership resulted in 4,750 textbook donations to 31 HEP programs in 22 states in total!

We wish to spotlight Norton’s dedication to higher education in prison and their generous gestures of knowledge sharing, resource provision, and support for incarcerated students. Physical academic texts are invaluable, not only for the information they hold but as a resource for incarcerated students who depend on access to printed materials for scholastic success.

These books provide textbooks for our incarcerated students to expand opportunities and to build strong pathways from incarceration to academia. We understand that students who have experienced the criminal justice system can face significant barriers to academic and career success. We strive to eliminate these barriers and are dedicated to opening opportunities and academic achievement for those who have been system-impacted. Not having a textbook can be a barrier to learning and so this removes a major barrier for us.

Michelle D. Greenwood, Assistant Director Rising Scholars Instruction
Rising Scholars, Merced College

We anticipate that, in partnership with W.W. Norton & Company, the Alliance will be holding a third round of donation application requests to supply more HEP programs with texts for success. Sign up for our newsletter updates on the next round of donations this year!