W.W. Norton Donates Books to Higher Education in Prison Programs

July 29, 2023

To celebrate their centenary, W.W. Norton committed to donating an unprecedented number of books directly to higher education in prison programs across the country.

This past spring, Alliance for Higher Education in Prison collaborated with Norton to host the Prison Book Connection. This partnership resulted in 4,411 textbook donations to 35 HEP programs in 17 states. W.W. Norton was able to fill 93.8% of donations requests with the currently available texts in their inventory, averaging 126 textbook donations per program!

We wish to spotlight Norton’s dedication to higher education in prison and their generous gestures of knowledge sharing, resource provision, and support for incarcerated students to foster academic success. Physical academic texts are invaluable, not only for the information they hold, but as a resource for incarcerated students who depend on access to printed materials for scholastic success.

W.W. Norton's donation of 50 copies of The Little Seagull had a tremendous impact on students enrolled in the Washington University Prison Education Project. For our students, The Little Seagull is more than just a textbook for any given course; it is an invaluable companion to their entire higher education journey, supporting everything from introductory writing courses to advanced research. Thanks to this donation, we were able to provide a personal copy of The Little Seagull to every single student entering our degree program in 2023, ensuring that they will have access to this crucial writing support as they work toward their college degrees.

Kevin Windhauser Director, Prison Education Project Washington University in St. Louis

We anticipate that, in partnership with W.W. Norton & Company, the Alliance will be holding a second round of donation application requests to supply more HEP programs with texts for success! Sign up for our newsletter updates on the next round of donations.