Exit Reports

Exit Reports

National Conference on Higher Education in Prison

The annual NCHEP Exit Report is one of the primary ways in which the Alliance for Education in Prison reviews, assesses, and prepares the groundwork for planning the National Conference for Higher Education in Prison. The Exit Report additionally serves as an opportunity to reflect on the current state of the field of higher education in prison and to make observations about its future trajectory. Each year, the Alliance has multiple kinds of readers in mind when it researches, writes, and publishes the Exit Report. This readership includes:
  1. The planning committee for the year’s conference, for whom the report operates as an official de-brief on the conference experience;
  2. The planning committee for the following conference, who should read the report with the goal of absorbing as many lessons as possible, so as to make the next conference experience the “best yet”;
  3. The staff and advisory board of the Alliance for Higher Education in Prison;  
  4. Participants of the current year’s conference;
  5. Anyone involved with the planning or conference experience across the broader higher education in prison stakeholder community; and
  6. Anyone in the community (higher education in prison stakeholders, or not) who want to learn more about the NCHEP and/or the field of higher education in prison.

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