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The Prison Policy Initiative and UCLA are crowdsourcing correction responses and what is happening inside prisons, jails and detention centers state-by-state and county-by-county. 

You can contribute to this project by either emailing information to: or contributing directly to the Tracker Spreadsheet, linked below.

The tracking spreadsheet contains four tabs: 
  • State-by-state guide to changes in visitor policies, including attorney visits and any mitigating measures;
  • List of population reduction requests - if you scroll right, you will see a collection of pdfs of the letters and also links to relevant news stories;
  • List of population reduction responses; and
  • "Visitation Policy Pivot Table," which allows for reorganize the visitation policy listing.
If you are contributing to the spreadsheet please follow these guidelines: 
  • Make the addition at the relevant point; and
  • Feel free to add tabs as developments warrant


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