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Submit a manuscript by mail

Submit a manuscript by mail and/or submit with a designee

The Journal of Higher Education in Prison welcomes legible handwritten or typed manuscripts and manuscripts submitted by a designee on behalf of the author.

Authors of handwritten or typed manuscripts who do not have access to the Internet can choose either a Masked or Unmasked review process. Please indicate which process you choose in a cover letter to the editors. For authors who choose an Unmasked review process and do not have access to the Internet, they will not be able to participate in real-time feedback and discussion with reviewers. However, the editors will facilitate an Unmasked review process through mail correspondence. For authors who require support to submit a manuscript, they can complete the "Designee Form" and name one person to serve as a representative to help facilitate the submission and revision process.

Authors who are currently Incarcerated should ensure that they are able to receive mail correspondence, including large manila envelopes. The Journal of Higher Education in Prison is unable to reimburse the costs associated with mail correspondence coming from authors. JHEP will cover the costs associated with mailings from the journal editors.

Should incarcerated authors want the editors to work with a designee throughout the submission process, please clearly indicate this in a cover letter and provide permission for our editorial team to communicate with the designated person via the Designee Form.

Submission of a handwritten or typed manuscript must follow the same manuscript guidelines as an electronic submission, with the following:

  • Instead of including a separate page for a title and an abstract, please complete the Handwritten or Typed Manuscript Cover Sheet (linked below).
  • If you are also using a designated representative (Designee) to submit and/or receive communication on your behalf, please include the Designee Form (linked below) with your submission.

Submissions should be mailed to:  

Alliance for Higher Education in Prison
Attn: Journal of Higher Education in Prison
1801 N. Broadway, Suite 417
Denver, CO 80202

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