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The Call for Submissions for Volume Two will be posted in Fall 2021.


In general, we invite Articles, Book Reviews, and Contemporary Perspectives that provide imaginative visions for postsecondary education inside prisons (including pathways to/from higher education in prison) that are not anchored in the study of crime or criminal behavior. Authors are invited to submit conceptual, empirical, theoretical, historical and pedagogical manuscripts, that approach field, foundation-building, teaching, teacher training, pedagogy, policy, and practice from a variety of perspectives, frameworks, and positionalities, such as, research-based, case study, systematic literature reviews or meta-analysis, and/or policy analysis. In considering higher education in prison, we especially seek manuscripts authored and/or co-authored by: incarcerated, formerly incarcerated, directly impacted people, co-written essays among diverse stakeholders, and other collaborative configurations.


Given the mission and values of the Journal of Higher Education in Prison, we take authorship seriously. We ask that all submitters carefully pay attention to authorship and before submitting ensure that all authors have meaningfully contributed to the creation of the manuscript and meet basic standards of authorship. Standards of authorship include: has created original content, has participated in the writing and editing process, has made a contribution to the analytical work of the piece. For example, please note the distinctions between an interview subject and an author, or a student’s permission to quote from coursework.

While the primary focus of this journal is work on the field of higher education in prison, there may be times when Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval is required. Any submission using research with human subjects must include information about IRB number, authorizing institution, and dates of research. The editor(s) reserves the right to request IRB approval notification if it is not included with the manuscript submission and the right to refuse review of a manuscript that includes research with human subjects if IRB documentation cannot be provided.

We strongly encourage submissions from currently and formerly incarcerated people, and those directly impacted by incarceration. We will accept handwritten manuscripts from currently incarcerated people and/or will work with a designated representative with a signed Designee Form to liaise. We otherwise do not accept submissions written on behalf of any individual. Learn how to submit a manuscript via the mail and/or how to submit with a designee.

Submission and Review Process

  • Manuscripts are editor pre-screened before they are sent out for review by 2-3 external reviewers.
  • Authors may choose a Masked or Unmasked peer review process. During an Unmasked peer review process, papers will be uploaded to a secure third-party site that allows reviewers to provide feedback on manuscripts and authors to respond (similar to Google Documents). The two types of review are described below:
  • A Masked review process is an anonymous review. The author’s information and other identifying markers (e.g., title page, institutional affiliations, document meta-data) must be removed from the manuscript. The author will remain anonymous to reviewers, and reviewers will remain anonymous to the author. The author will receive comments from the editors and reviewers after conclusions of the review process.
  • An Unmasked process is an open review. The author may keep all identifying information and markers in the manuscript. The author will know who is reviewing the manuscript and the reviewers will know who the author is. Both reviewers and author will have the opportunity to provide comments and discuss feedback in real-time during the review process.
  • Authors should expect to hear from an editor within the first four weeks of submission to find out if the manuscript has been approved at pre-screening. If a manuscript continues to external review, the editors will contact authors within 8-12 weeks for a Masked review, after the review process has been completed. For an Unmasked review, the editors will contact authors at the beginning of the review process.
  • All reviewers are expected to follow the Review Process Overview
  • Submitting an article indicates your agreement with our Ethics Practices
  • Manuscripts must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document
  • The Article manuscripts should be no more than 30 pages, inclusive of abstract, tables, references, figures, and footnotes. Please follow the most recent Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA).
  • Manuscripts should be double-spaced and use 12-point Times New Roman font. With rare exception, footnotes, references, tables, and figures are included in the 30-page limit. Manuscripts should have margins of 1inch on all the four sides and number all pages sequentially.

What to include

1. Cover letter

The cover letter is a separate Word document and should include the following information:

  • Introduction to author(s)
  • Your manuscript's title
  • Manuscript type (review, research, case study, etc.)
  • Manuscript submission date
  • Brief background of your study and the research question you sought to answer
  • Brief overview of methodology used (if applicable)
  • Affirmation that the work is original and not currently under review with any other journal/publication
  • Any additional information the author(s) deem necessary
2. Title page

The title page is a separate Word document and should include the following:

  • Full title of the article
  • Author and co-authors’ full name(s), current position, affiliation, institutional email address, telephone, and fax numbers (if applicable)
  • A 1-2 line biographical note (no more than 100 words each) for each author as it should appear if published
  • Indication of who is the corresponding author (*following the author’s name)
  • 3-5 keywords
  • Acknowledgments and credits
  • Indication of review preference (type Masked or Unmasked)
3. Manuscript with Abstract & References
  • 150 words on a separate Word document page headed by the full article title
  • The Abstract page should precede the main body of the article
  • Begin the manuscript text on a new page headed by the full article title
  • References should begin on a new page after the conclusion of the manuscript
  • For manuscripts that are Masked, authors should only mask citations that are currently under review or self-referential.
  • It is the responsibility of the author to ensure accuracy of the reference list format as well as the format and use of tables and figures (when applicable).
  • Authors should follow the guidelines associated with the most recent version of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA).

Ready to submit?

To submit a manuscript through our online portal, click the submit button below. You will be provided specific instructions at each step of the submission process. To submit via the mail, follow these instructions.

Both electronic and hardcopy submissions must follow the following Manuscript Preparation Guidelines (listed above). Submissions that do not meet the criteria will be returned.

All manuscripts must be written in English. If English is not your first language and you would like assistance in translating your manuscript into English, please contact the editors to discuss your options:

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