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Open-access tools to grow your program

Our toolkits are ready-made resources designed to support our community of practitioners, teachers, students and other stakeholders in advancing the work of their programs. These open-access tools offer practical guidance on a variety of important topics.


Discussion Guide for the Equity and Excellence Report

This discussion guide includes recommendations for how programs can use the report Equity and Excellence in Practice: A Guide for Higher Education in Prison to talk with their students and other stakeholders about the content of the report and to provide feedback to the Alliance to support our efforts to improve access to education for all.

Communications Planning Toolkit

A communications plan is a blueprint to help any organization deliver timely, relevant and engaging information. In an era when there are so many ways to engage your audience yet limited bandwidth to do so, a communications plan can help you prioritize your communications efforts and measure your results. In most instances, a communications plan is viewed as a dynamic, living document.

Strategic Planning Toolkit

A strategic plan outlines where your organization is going and how it’s planning to get there. It’s usually developed through a strategic planning process, during which your organization defines its strategic objectives, strategy, short-term goals, action items and metrics of success.

Fundraising Plan Toolkit

A fundraising plan is a way to organize your fundraising efforts and track progress toward your fundraising goals. It allows you to plan out your fundraising calendar, provides guidance on strategy and tactics to achieve your goals and includes metrics of success.